Literature Essay Sample – The Bluest Eye

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How does Toni Morrison show that “black is beautiful” in his book?

The Bluest Eye

literature-essay-sampleOne of the core ideas of the novel – the notion of beauty and its intrinsic characteristics – explores the dramatic effects that the conventional beauty standards may have upon the identity of an average African-American girl. Therefore, the writer manages to show three main ways “black beauty” can be expressed and admired.
Firstly, we need to focus on the obvious expression of beauty in terms of appearance. In fact, most of the characters are so emotionally impaired that they can hardly notice their own unique traits. However, deep inside, Pecola seems to realize that her appearance is not an objective reason for such global discrimination. Looking into her mirror, she aims to discover what makes her so ugly and, obviously, there are no other factors rather than prejudices and faulty standards. Naturally, she cannot possess different ideals of feminity if the whole world and even her mother make her believe she should respect hierarchy among people and promote inferiority and self-hatred (Sugiharti, 1999). However, the crucial moment comes when Claudia longs to ruin stereotypes and foresees the “black beauty” of Pecola’s unborn baby, as described by the author, having “two clean black eyes, the flared nose, kissing-thick lips, and the living, breathing silk of black skin. No synthetic yellow bangs suspended over marble-blue eyes, no pinched nose and bowline mouth” (Morrison, 2007, p. 190).
Secondly, the author proves that beauty is not just something you can see or have. On the contrary, it is what you are capable of. The girl who everyone considers to be unlovable struggles so hard that her persistence deserves admiration. Unfortunately, only Claudia sensed the real danger in following any standards at all and substituting values with mere compliance to norms. Therefore, although very insecure, her compassion and efforts to change Pecola’s future can be considered to be the first steps towards establishing fair ideals.

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Business Essay Sample – Street Ads

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Should governments set limits for the amount of street ads?

       business-essay-sample         I believe that the government should not limit the amount of street ads that are allowed. I think the government should promote economic growth, especially amongst small businesses. Advertising is a key component to increasing growth, and business growth stimulates the economy. There are numerous businesses that depend on street advertising, and there are many more that will do it in the future. The primary reasons I believe that the government should not limit the amount of street ads is because it stimulates growth, tax revenues can be earned, and helps businesses create brand recognition.
Businesses are challenged with increasing their growth, and continuously try to find competitive advantages that will give them the edge with their customers. Most businesses are rely on some form of advertising to increase their brand recognition. There are several benefits of outdoor advertising for businesses, and outdoor advertising has to be considered part of any major media campaign. Lafky and Darrow (1986) posited businesses benefit from outdoor advertising because of the size and visibility, it works 24 hours a day with the constant repetition of the message, and the low cost of circulation on a per thousand basis. If the government were to limit the amount of street advertising, it would limit the amount of opportunities for businesses to reach their target market, therefore hindering the growth.

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Marketing Essay Sample – Clothing Industry

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Marketing In Clothing Industry

marketing-essay-sampleMarketing is the difference between the success or failure of a company. In the fashion industry, not only do your clothes have to stand out, but your marketing strategies do as well. With so many clothing options on the racks and online, there are countless brands in which to choose from. In order for yours to be the best choice for customers and clients, you have to spread awareness.

The Internet is the best means for marketing in the clothing industry. Fashion houses big and small should create a website that includes the company’s background, high-resolution images, and an online store. This site should be as clean and visually appealing as possible. Optimize it for mobile users as well, since the majority of customers will surely use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access your site.

Social media is another crucial method to your fashion marketing plan. Sign up for accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and the like, and post on these often. You may want to consider hiring a contract writer to compile regular blog posts about fashion trends and events that your company hosts, such as fashion shows. You can share your posts through your social media accounts, bringing traffic back to your website.

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Philosophy Essay Sample – Enlightenment

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Is There Such A Thing As Enlightenment?

philosophy-essay-sampleThe notion of “enlightenment” is used in several sciences such as philosophy, psychology, education, etc. It has it’s own definition in each sphere, but all of them have common milestones that are consciousness and awareness. In education the term has the meaning of conscious knowledge. Thus, in psychology the process of enlightenment is considered to be a special imprecise construct.
In Buddhist theories the enlightenment is defined as the highest state of consciousness that can be reached only in nirvana state. It is close to the state of awakening but there are several factors that influence the process and its result. The psychologists emphasize that this state has also cognitive and neurobiological characteristics and moral as well. Recent investigations of social psychology show that if community members have various states of enlightenment they may have disagreements for this reason.

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Literature Essay Sample – Salem’s Lot

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How does Stephen King portray vampires in Salem’s Lot?

literature-essay-sampleStephen King has always had quite the way of telling a horror story. The book, Salem’s Lot, written in 1975 is no different. Being a native of the Maine area, King likes to base his books in the area. This story takes place in a small city in Maine. The book is about a writer, Ben Mears who comes back to the town he grew up in as a child, Jerusalem’s Lot or Salem’s Lot for short. Ben has not been home in almost 25 years and just like every town, some things have definitely changed. He is incredibly surprised with the way that the town now looks and feels. Something feels different, something feels off, something feels incredibly wrong. The one thing that Ben soon comes to realize is that the town is now crawling with vampires.
Stephen King takes a different kind of spin on the vampires in Salem’s Lot. It has been said that King’s wife is actually the one who inspired the way he portrays the vampires in the book and also that King had a deep love for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Stephen King did not however; like the way that Stoker portrayed vampires as overly confident and more on the positive side. King wanted people to be afraid of vampires and remember why the legends made them out to be scary creatures.

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History Essay Sample on Lost Generation

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Why was the generation following World War I known as the “Lost Generation”?

history-essay-sample“All of you young people who served in the war, you are the lost generation.” And with those words that history has recorded were directed to writer Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein’s place in history was marked forever not for the volume of words she published, but for an offhand remark that defined an age (King, 2005). While perhaps a good enough start, by the time the Lost Generation had been usurped by the next, the effect of World War I was only one contributing factor capable of accurately defining the revolutionary impact on science and the arts made by those who came of age during this era.
The focus of Stein’s characterization seems to indicate that it was those coming of age during this generation that were lost, but the more accurate characterization is that they were of a generation forced to confront monumental loss, dislocation, and “a series of frustrations and disasters, including the Great War, the failure of the League of Nations…and the failure of Prohibition” (Tindall, 2004).

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Literature Essay Sample

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Renaissance English Literature

literature-essay-sample The Renaissance as the time period went down in history of England later than in other Western European countries, but was more intense and impressive.

            The term Renaissance itself means “rebirth”. The rebirth of what? The new birth of the Ancient World. The arts and the sciences of the period spurred on probably by the discovery of an ancient Roman town-city called Pompeii that was completely buried by the volcano eruption in 79 AD.[Makkai Lazslo, 1974] In my opinion, this historic event suddenly brought about a specific tone in all European cultures and their reflections.

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Marketing Essay Sample on Pinterest

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How Pinterest can be used to promote an online store?

Pinterest – A new way of marketing your online shop

marketing-essay-samplePinterest is one of the upcoming social media websites, using Pins (Pictures) that can be shared. Using pictures to promote a business is not new, but the aspect of being able to share it fast and easy over the internet makes this an intriguing new tool for marketing a business, especially an online business (Loren & Swiderski, 2012).
There are many ways to use Pinterest. One of them could be to integrate Pinterest very obviously in the businesses’ sales activities, for example by pinning coupons that appeal to the style of a Pinterest user (Hayden, 2012). This could push the reach of your online-shop by attracting new customers with special offers, a well-known practice, just applied on the special environment of Pinterest.

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Economic Essay Sample on Muslim Theocracy

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Why Are Most Muslim Countries Poor?

                                           Economies Ruled by Muslim Theocracy

economic-essay-sample            A countries economy is influenced by many factors. Examining this objectively one could ask the question, Why are countries that are ruled by Muslim theocracy overwhelmingly poor and underdeveloped? A brief examination of Iran and Afghanistan demonstrates exactly how detrimental it can be to the economic health and the wellbeing of people living there.  Iran has a true Theocracy, over 99% of the population identifies as Muslim. (CIA  2015) The country is ruled by a theocratic leader that has direct control over all branches of government including the military. (Sadjadpour, K. 2015) The economy of Iran is the second largest in the middle east. (Worldbank 2015)
When you compare the economic success of Iran with a GDP of $945.5 Billion dollars annually to that of its neighbor Afghanistan with a paltry GDP of $20.84 Billion the difference is staggering. (WorldBank Data 2015) A major economic difference between these two countries is the development of natural resources. Iran has large amounts of oil that they produce and refine for sale on the world markets. The profits of these resources are used by the ruling clerics under the direction of the ayatollah to preserve the power of the ruling class. The economy of Iran could easily grow and be much larger than it is currently if the ruling party adopted policy to support this. Unfortunately they do not adopt policies that create opportunity for Iran to thrive in the global community. They are not concerned with the wellbeing of the general population, they are only concerned with solidifying control and power to satisfy the agenda of the ayatollah.

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History Essay Sample on WWI

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What if the Germans had won the first World War?

history-essay-sampleThere are many predicted aftermaths considered during world war 1. But the aftermath that pertains to the germans winning the first world war is interesting. many of the opposed actions equating to the actions that happened to the germans at war changed what might have happened in the future. Germany went through  air raids, the battle of Marne, the schlieffen plan, the invasion of serbia, U-boat campaigns, armistice, and versailles signings. These actions if overturned and positively brought in the german path toward german ruling, may have changed a lot.
In the beginning Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife sophie the duchess of Hohenberg are killed by bosnian serb activist Gavrilo Princip. The Austrian government suspects that Serbia is responsible. On July 28th 1914, the Austria-Hungary Declares war on Serbia, and world war 1 begins. Eventually the Germans advance an air raid on paris. After that they are stopped at the first battle of Marne which is when the schlieffen plan failed. This was a plan for waging war against france and russia. If the schlieffen plan was successful then the germans would have had france and russia in return.

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